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Combatives is a principle/concept driven method of dealing with potentially life-threatening violence. The origin of such was developed and utilised by security and armed personnel during early to mid 1900s.

Urban Combatives (UC), established in 1999 by Lee Morrison, teaches methods of counter violence geared towards dealing with a street assault. Training is predominately focused on civilian safety particularly those facing a real and extreme threat to life situation i.e  multiple assailants, weapons , size disparity etc

What is Combatives?

What is Combatives?

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about ucw


Urban Combatives West provides high quality self-defence and combatives training in the Birmingham and West Midlands area.

Our aim at Urban Combatives is to provide simple and efficient self protection training to all regardless of age, gender, experience and occupation.

We focus on giving students two things - Confidence and Ability.

Having confidence will make you less identifiable as a soft target and in turn less likely to be selected as a victim.

Develop the ability to deal with a variety of situations by simply using avoidance measures, talking down verbally confrontational situations right through to handling a subject physically should it be necessary. 

You will learn how to deal with many violent situations  especially those involving multiple assailants and weapons.

Our training methods utilise simulation/scenario drills set under replicated street conditions to ensure the skills learnt are brought to bear during a street assault.

UC is about Self Protection NOT Self Defence.

The BEST solution is not to be there in the first place. We emphasise the primary use, where possible, of non-physical 'Soft Skills' (Personal Security measures) such as avoidance, verbal de-escalation.

If this is not possible then we rely upon a small collection of physical 'Hard Skills' proven to be easy to learn, recall and implement under the effects of combat stress (Fear, Adrenaline, Pain, Fatigue and Disorientation). 

UC deals with the extreme end of the violence scale and so addresses a psychological platform, the Combative Mindset, you need to operate from in order to prevail. Something overlooked by the majority of Martial Arts and Reality Based Self Defence.

UCW is the only school licensed to teach Lee Morrison's original Urban Combatives in the West Midlands area. 


Harj Sohal is a Fifth Generation Full UC instructor. Harj has 10 years of training experience and instructorship in different martial arts and self defence systems including Filipino Martial Arts, Filipino Boxing and Rapid Assault Tactics.

Prior to UC, Harj has been predominately involved at a senior level in Krav Maga for the last 10 yrs running classes in the West Midlands area.

Recently he was awarded the status of UC Senior Instructor.

"Harj Sohal is a UC Instructor of the highest calibre! He came to me an already established self protection instructor with an impeccable martial training background. I feel that since he has been in UC, Harj is fast approaching his boundless potential and is a definite asset to the Combatives teaching fraternity! " - Lee Morrison


"My 1:1 with Harj delivered realistic self-protection guidance, with emotional intelligence, that makes sense in the real world outside the traditional arena of Martial Arts. Harj gave me confidence, whilst also highlighting areas for my continued development. Professional, and workable instruction! " - Simon Mapp, Private student.


 1 - 2 - 1 TUITION

Face to Face or


Can't get out?

Prefer to work directly with an instructor?

Whether you are a complete beginner or advanced student, our personalised face to face/online 1-2-1 sessions have been specifically designed to improve you with each session.

"Being able to have access to a top Combatives instructor in my living room via Zoom is fantastic. The instructions are clear and easy. The content is straight to the point with Harj pointing out anything that I have to improve on the way. I get a video download of the session for reference of what has been covered, I will continue with zoom sessions with Harj ,,,absolutely fantastic" - Colin Hart, Zoom student.




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