Methods of counter violence


Combatives is a principle/concept driven method of dealing with potentially life-threatening violence. The origin of such was developed and utilised by security and armed personnel during early to mid 1900s.

Urban Combatives (UC), established in 1999 by Lee Morrison, teaches methods of counter violence geared towards dealing with a street assault. Training is predominately focused on civilian safety particularly those facing a real and extreme threat to life situation i.e  multiple assailants, weapons , size disparity etc


Harj Sohal is a Fifth Generation Full UC Instructor. Harj has 10 years of training experience and instructorship in different martial arts and self defence systems including Filipino Martial Arts, Filipino Boxing and Rapid Assault Tatics.

Prior to UC, Harj has been predominately involved at a senior level in Krav Maga for the last 10 yrs running classes in the West Midlands area.